Happy New Year…What if it’s not?

Happy New Year…What if it’s not?

© Dorn Simon-Sinnott 2016.

Yes…January is well under way, and New Year has passed.

Unless one lives by the Lunisolar Calendar used by the Chinese; whom celebrate New Year’s in 2016, on February 8th.

Being this year, the Year of the Fire Monkey.


You can read more about their Traditional New Year Practises here.

So; Happy New Year…What if it’s not?

Let’s ponder that a moment.

Do we mean what we say? Is it mere platitude to even think that statement, much less say it? Do we actually feel it, absorb its endeavouring meaning? Can everyone whom registers the date, actually declare it to be true, or even muse whether it could be elsewhere?

I often wonder how does this tradition truly sit with people; yes, it’s a tail-end of a celebratory, family gathering trend, and yes, within the Gregorian Calendar it is, in fact the New Year’s commencement; however, how many can honestly pertain to its hopeful declaration, of it being New? Or Happy.

I empathically sense more of the world today, than ever before, mostly due to the current state of affairs, or harrowing climate we find ourselves living in, and let’s be honest, are responsible for; I experience far more worldly afflictions now, than I do my own; believe me that’s saying something!

What I am trying to get at, (rather poorly) is, how many would like to stab a guess, at the number of actual humans to which Happy New Year actually meant just that? That, they were happy, it was a fresh start, it would be new, and they could fully relate to this as a change in existence.

My mind crawls over to the numbers of Depressive Illness sufferers, all Mental Health Ailment sufferers, to be fair…how many more suicidal thoughts were grasped that night, that day, when their world didn’t, and possibly couldn’t, in their mind’s eye, change, or be happy, or new.

(If you are suffering, whether alone, or not, please don’t feel that help isn’t available; it is. Try locally, but for starters, Try here.  I must admit, my local voluntary group, in Wexford, Ireland; ‘It’s Good To Talk’,  were invaluable to my finding my feet again).



The Homeless;


The influx of homeless families in total, not just a mere addict on the street begging, nor a middle-aged man, down on his luck; but entire families, on the streets, having been evicted from their homes, that were whipped up in the Celtic Tiger, only to bankrupt us all, into the evictions that were still ongoing the week before Christmas 2015; causing a “71% increase in adults and children using emergency accommodation services, since November 2014.”Read the full article here.

Homelessness Statistics Ireland 2015 can be viewed here.

Then one must think of the millions suffering atrocities across this wide Earth, and inequalities, governed by Religious fervour; the travesties of Global Government’s, and the growth of International Terrorism, and the ensuing, reactionary fear, across the Globe.



Refugees of all Creeds; LGBTQ; War-Afflicted Citizen’s; Africa’s, India’s, and Cambodia’s Starving; The latter, now not alone, when even people in Ireland find themselves nearing the possibility of starvation to try to keep their homes; Homeless, whether by eviction, or sadly, for some, the only choice; the list is never-ending.



Far be it for me to dampen the air, with such depressing facts; though the facts are real; it even touches me, on a personal struggle level, in more than one of the above categories mentioned; so how, I ask again, can we so flippantly exclaim, Happy New Year, in the world with which we live in, this past New Year’s Day?

I say; let us remember…for many, ‘It Is Not’…then; I say, let us do something about it!

Resolutions, yes, these self-induced challenges are rather frequent this time of year…let’s use them, not only to better ourselves, our own lives; let’s step one foot further, and help another, by any of the following means:

Kindness: In your thoughts, your words, your actions, your reactions.

Acceptance: Of difference’s, Nationalities, Class, Creeds, Lifestyles.

Equality: Across the board, in Health, Wealth, Race, Orientation, Human Rights, Choice.

Love: Know that every single living being on this Earth, belongs to this Earth, wherever they reside, that even those you have been conditioned, or brainwashed to hate, are no different to you at the atom level, and that they too, love their family, their country, their ideal of living.


Let each, solitary, one of us, make the platitude, the traditional blurb, an actuality, for more across this damaged world, let us each make this a Happy New Year.


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