Immortal Heroes Defying Immortality.

Immortal Heroes Defying Immortality.

 © Dorn Simon-Sinnott 2016.


“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”

~ David Bowie



As I open my Facebook feed this morning, the harrowing news of the passing of yet another legend, engulfs my screen.

Such a shocking piece of news, that even my Mother had received notice, posting R.I.P. as it is spread across 95% of the overall Facebook Newsfeed; people’s timelines are filled with tributes, and photographs emerging in large numbers, of the Man himself.





The ruffled-hair pretty hippy of the Sixties; The Starman ~ Ziggy Stardust; The Man Who Fell To Earth; The Androgynous Hero, Hunky Dory, of the Seventies; The slick, Tall Thin Man; The debonair extraordinaire; effeminate, Goblin King, Vampire Fodder, of the Eighties; The alluring cool Dude of the Nineties; The equally attractive, stylish, salt and peppered appearance of the Noughties, and his never-ending crisp, reinvention of fashionista, classic attire, of the recent past to the very day he left this mortal coil.

That; is before we even enter the awe-inspiring, generation enabling, trend-setting, ground-breaking, songwriting, record producing, talent, he possessed as an artist, a musician, an actor, and an all round entertainer.

I cannot imagine there are many corners of the Globe, that would not have heard his name.

David Bowie, (David Robert Jones ~ Davy Jones) continuously alternative in his ideas, approaches, fashion; yet, so very mainstream; that is an accomplishment.

Three short days ago, Mr. Bowie celebrated his birthday of 69 years, along with the greatly anticipated release of Blackstar, his latest, deeply harrowing, masterpiece.

Many in the music industry, particularly those in Rock circles, were already recently shocked, saddened, at the loss of Ian Frazer (Lemmy) Kilmister, of Motörhead; whom also celebrated his birthday in recent weeks, on 24 December, then dying days after, on 28 December 2015.


Now ironically it seems, a similar passing, within days of one’s birth date, came death; with both having been almost secretly, battling cancer.

These men; for more than anyone could count, were Legends; plain and simple.

Living life their way, influencing people from all walks of life, in one form, or another, being on the razor’s edge of the Rock lifestyle, yet remaining, long living individuals, with respect, privacy, where needed.

Both being cut from the cloth of duality; personas morphing into their personalities; their real essence, which visa versa merged with their personas…an honesty, a duality, which made each unique in their own way.

The impact these deaths have had on a personal level, has been surreal; I met Mr. Lem, in Hammersmith in 1987; I was struck by his instant warmth, humour, and duality…being that of a hard-drinking Rock Star, yet, such a gentle, respectful, man; this has never left me, upon seeing, or watching him.

Mr. Bowie; I didn’t get to speak with, yet was in the same venue whilst it wasn’t his performance; I had heard stories of his ego, how some rather scruffy, self-medicated youths in their own band, had felt somewhat rejected, alluding them to the belief he was arrogant; this sat strangely with me, as I had equally heard the opposite from the likes of Mr. Brian May, whom obviously knew David personally…so, I decided to take Mr. Bowie, for what he was, an incredibly talented man, full-stop.

In the last few years, I have seen reports of so many deaths, obviously I am speaking purely of those with some celeb status; or had influential impact on the multitudes…Robin Williams, with his eternal gift of laughter, something sadly, he could never console himself with; Legends of Music and Film, Christopher Lee, Mr. Spock (Leonard Nimoy), B.B. King, Wes Craven, Scott Weiland, now Lemmy, and Mr. Bowie, to name a minute few whom have passed over, shocking us all, as how can Immortal Heroes Defy Immortality like that!?

I am at the age now, where it seems everyone is dying; whether personal friends, or idols, artists, and the likes. This brings up the question, how long? How long do we really have on this plain of existence? As a child, we long to grow up, as an adolescent we long to be adult, as an adult we long to be either of the former…then, the day comes when one hears more of whom are passing over, than living, or being born.

We all like to dream, be entertained by the fantasy, of immortal being’s, whether Vampire, or Hero, yet what happens when these immortals die?

Jareth, Jareth, where art thou Jareth?


“I don’t know where I’m going from here, but I promise it won’t be boring”

~ David Bowie


© Dorn Simon-Sinnott January 11.2016.

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